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Happy Tails!

"Whoever said 'Money can't buy you happiness' has never paid an adoption fee."

To this day, Prairie Paws Rescue has helped pver 4,000 animals find perfect loving homes. Below are several "Happy Tails" from the owners that have adopted from Prairie Paws.

Meet Mickey, aka Munroe!

Hi Kaye, just wanted to give you a update on Mickey and send you a picture. He is a wonderful little dog, I love him to pieces. He is so good with our aging Charlie, lab x, he plays a little with him but knows when Charlie has had enough and leaves him alone. He has been really good for him, too. He follows my every move, we go for walks with his boots and jacket on and loves playing in the snow. He is having some stomach issues, nothing major, but talked with our vet, and I am cooking for him but hope to slowly introduce some dog food again. I think I may have switched his dog food too soon and caused some problems. So this time will go a lot slower. Sure we will get him straightened out again.

We completed basic obedience, and Mick did great. Hoping to go further with Mick so he can obtain his St. John's Therapy Dog. I think he would make some sick person in a hospital or an aging senior very happy if he came to visit them. We have a lot of work to do before that happens but that is the goal. We'll see how he does. He is very smart, and he catches on extremely quick. Our dog trainer, said every one should have a rescue dog, as Mick was the only one in class doing his sit/stay properly, lol.

Thank you so much for the work you do, and for allowing us to adopt Mick, he was worth the wait. I wish I knew the man that saved him from that hot car, I would love to say thank you to him!!! And to Becky for meeting us in Fargo, that was really nice of her. Mick put his head on my shoulder when I picked him up from the back of her truck that day, I think its safe to say, he was waiting for me too!!

Otis is Happy in his New Home!

Just that much more in love with our Otis! He fills our hearts with love and faces with puppy kisses. And my 9-year old is just tickled that he sleep in her room and already knows "time for bed." Thanks again for a great experience!

The Perfect CompanionsTyrion

These two make quite a team! Meet Newton and Tyrion.

Newton and his brother Tyrion are waiting to see if I drop anything while cooking. They are getting along with each other so well! Every morning Newton and Tyrion do a head boop and then start playing. We are so glad we could add Newton to our little family!

Meet Memphis, aka Lucy!

We just wanted you to know that Memphis, in which my girls renamed Lucy, is doing fabulous in our new home. We love her spunkiness, playful attitude, and cuddles. Our other dog Skipper is really taking to her too. They are always together. We want to say Thank You for bringing "Memphis" aka Lucy, into our lives. We love her so much already.


Chloe is Happy in Her New Home!

This is Chloe, formally Shang. The first day I got her and brought her home she ran around the house as if she always lived here. She loves to dress up and when she is outside and runs to me, she takes a big jump. She also loves to give high fives and in the mornings when my alarm clock goes off. She is right on top of me giving me kisses and won’t stop until I get up. I am so glad I got her. She is such an entertainer, and I love her little tongue, always hanging out.


Picture of dog waiting for owners in 2009 floodThe Jamestown Emergency "Pet" Flood Shelter at the former Jamestown Auto Center Building is now closed. Thank you to the community and volunteers that supported our efforts with their generous donations of time and supplies, especially RM STOUDT Dealership for the donation of the building. Many pets who were there seeking shelter from the flood have returned home with their families or have found new homes through Prairie Paws Rescue. If the need arises, Prairie Paws Rescue will re-open the Emergency "Pet" Flood Shelter based on the need and the rising waters.

Photo of volunteers setting up flood shelter

For information and photos of the 2009 Red River Flood, click here.

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Featured Adoptable PetImages of pets available for adoption

Meet Gemma!

Hi, I'm Gemma! I am a female kitten that came into Prairie Paws, and I was in need of a little extra TLC. I had a bad upper respiratory infection, crusty eyes, and ear mites :(. Luckily I'm getting better, and maybe you can help me feel better too! I was born around July 25th, 2016, and right now I live with my foster mommy with other dogs and cats. I am very playful and very sociable! I even dressed up as a bumble bee for Halloween this year!

To read more about Gemma, and for a full list of animals available for adoption at Prairie Paws Rescue, visit our PetFinder page.