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BLACKJACK and SLUGGER... Good Companions



     Yes, dogs and cats can be good companions...  Just look at Blackjack and Slugger.  They have become good buddies since Prairie Paws Rescue placed them in a comfortable foster home.   For someone who loves dogs and cats, they would be the perfect pair to adopt!   Slugger is growing up into a beautiful cat with a great disposition. (See his baby picture below  for more details and to see how he's changed.)    As for Blackjack, if you are looking for an outgoing dog with a great personality to start off the new year, then Blackjack could be the dog for you!  Slugger and Blackjack are both waiting for a forever-home and a loving human companion.  Perhaps you will be the one to make their dream come true!























We do not have a shelter, therefore, no visiting hours. All animals are in foster homes in the Jamestown area.  We can give you detailed information about each animal as they live with us as part of our family. 

If you are considering the responsibility of becoming a pet parent and see one of our adoptables you are interested in, we ask that you fill out a "PRE-ADOPTION APPLICATION."  This application will then be reviewed by our Prairie Paws volunteers and the foster parents who are caring for the animal until a permanent home is found.  This application is based on the best interests of both the pet and you as their guardian.  The application process can take up to five days with reference, landlord checks, etc.....  Prairie Paws requires that all animals be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Prairie Paws does not adopt out pets on a first come, first served basis or put any of the foster pets on "hold" without an approved application.  Our goal is to find a family committed to the lifetime of the pet and placing the animals in homes suited to the pets' needs. Applicants must be 18 years of age and independent (i.e. not living at home with parents, etc.)

If you see a pet you are interested in....please email us first with questions, and we will have the foster parents contact you with information.

Adoption applications can be printed from our website:  Our Website Application Print them off, fill them out and mail them back.  Or, you can request an on-line application that can be filled out on line. [ E-mail: prairiepawsrescue@hotmail.com]

All animals are spayed, neutered, shots updated and vet checked before being placed in homes. A pre-adoption application is required before meeting the animals or adoptions can take place.

Donation for Adoption fees:

  • Dogs: $85.00-$125.00 depending on what medical work needs completing

  • Cats: $25.00-$75.00 depending on medical work needed


Foster Homes Needed



As many of  you know, Prairie Paws Rescue has no facilities for housing pets.  We depend upon foster homes to take in pets until permanent homes are found. Fostering an animal can be as short as overnight or as long as several months.  All rescued pets are checked by a veterinarian and vaccinated before they are released into foster homes.  If you are interested in becoming a foster caretaker to a pet, please contact us.


Some Basic Requirements:  Foster homes must have a city permit and cannot take in more than two foster pets at one time.  All personal pets in the home that are more than three months old must be licensed and vaccinated, and the homeowner must have a good reputation for caring for animals.


Donation Fee for Cats

   There is a $25 adoption donation fee on kitten and cat adoptions with approved applications. Through special grants and donations we are able to keep the adoption fees for cats and kittens at $25.00 which is very reasonable, as most completed medical work for the felines runs about $175 per cat or kitten. Our cost is $25 to cover the rest of the adoption donation for the felines in our rescue program.  Our kitties say, "Thank you for your considering to adopt us!"

SUCCESS STORIES:  ALL ADOPTED or With Applications Pending!  (Many thanks to the new parents!!)


KNICKERS' SPECIAL STORY... A Success Story from the Past








Knickers Is Going To Have a Home!

November 30, 2008  -  We have some great news at Prairie Paws.....Knickers has an application for adoption. The application came in during our pet meet and greet today at TSC.

Brian, the manager, told the onlookers of pets..."If someone puts in an application today for Knickers and it's approved...I will take money from my own pocket and buy the first 100 pounds of dog food to go with his adoption".

We are currently reviewing the application which looks excellent and soon Knickers will be going to his Forever home with 100 pounds of dog food. Thanks to Brian the manager of TSC for donating the money from his own pocket, and for allowing Prairie Paws Rescue to continue to have the Pet Meet and Greets in the store each month. We have no shelter for people to come and visit, so this helps us to get the pets out for viewing and adoptions.

We have had Knickers since he was only a few weeks old and he is the poster child as a survivor of the deadly "Blasto Mycosis" that killed many dogs this year in the community of Jamestown. We are happy for Knickers and the new pet parent.  Thanks for giving Knickers a real home!

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